Monday, October 11, 2010

Running Results

Ran another 5k this weekend. It's the same 5k that I ran as my very first race. I'm happy to say I'm three minutes faster than I was that very first time two years ago. My time came in right at 33:30 this time. Maybe someday I'll break that 30 minute mark, but not anytime soon!

It was also my sisters very first 5k, so YAY for Mary!!! And Josh of course, but it wasn't his first. They walked it together with Sean in the stroller. Looked like a happy little family!

I have another friend who runs as well, and she was there pushing her son in his stroller, she had to stop twice to tie her shoes, and she still beat me by seven minutes. She's a real runner! Me, I just dabble!


Beth said...

Great job, Janelle!!!

Deanna said...

You're awesome!! And way to go, Mary & family!