Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Eli's team has been plugging along this soccer season. They have started to work together well and are trying to learn where they are supposed to be on the field with the position they are playing. I had to lay it all out for Eli--he was running all over the field no matter what position he was playing.

*Eli was sure this was going to hit his head-he couldn't believe it was that far away after the game when I showed him the picture.

They are also all a little intimidated to shoot. Thus, in the five games we've had so far, we've only scored twice. I've upped the ante for Eli. Every time he shoots, whether he scores or not, I'm going to give him a dollar. He does well at practice but when he's playing against strangers he's less comfortable. And apparently if he's less comfortable then he doesn't want to shoot.
However, we tied this week, and in soccer that's almost as good at a win.

~A side note to say the ref for that game, God bless her, was about 13 and it must have been her first game reffing, she did terrible. We actually scored a second goal, but a parent from the opposing team yelled "Come on ref!" and then she called a foul against our team and didn't count the goal. It was very sad for our boys. For our community soccer we parents had to sign a Parents Code of Conduct which included not yelling at the ref. We are a traveling team and maybe those parents didn't have to sign that, but you can't be critizing junior high kids who are reffing.

*That's Eli on the left, sitting out a quarter to catch his breath. I love his coach's shirt, don't you?

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