Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I just have to tell this sweet story.

We just got done singing in worship at church and we all sat down. Tim was to my left and I could tell he was looking at me. I turned my head slightly and looked at him to see what was up. He looked me in the eyes and said very quietly, "I want to kiss you."

It was funny, I had been thinking the same thing, but wouldn't pursue it in church, but at his request I turned my face toward him and leaned up for a quick kiss. Then we both turned to listen to the sermon.

I still get butterflies in my stomach over that man at times like that!


Deanna said...

In these times, a couple who still loves each other like it's their first month dating is a rare commodity. I'm sure God was well-pleased that the two that he joined as one are still as strongly connected as the day they made that covenant. So I say, "Smooch it up!"

Janelle said...

Thanks D! I'm so glad we are still very much in love, it's such a wonderful example for my boys. One I didn't have the pleasure of seeing as a child.

I think God is well-pleased too!