Friday, November 19, 2010

New Recipe

For Matt's (our nephew that lives with us) birthday this week, I let him pick what he wanted for dinner. He wasn't really specific, but he wanted something on the grill. We just got a new grill (I should post about my last run-in with our old grill) and he finished putting it together last week for us so he was excited to use it. I suggested chicken. He was game.

He also wanted mashed potatoes. I think that's his favorite food of all time so I figured since it was his birthday I'd make real mashed potatoes. That doesn't happen often at our house. Oh, I love them! I use this recipe Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

He also loves green bean casserole, and requests that I make if for every family gathering, and has for years. He might be the only one, outside of my husband and boys, that appreicates my cooking. So I offered to make a new green bean casserole, a "real" one if you will, from Pioneer Woman. I asked Matt if it was okay to try the new recipe and then if we liked it we could take it to Thanksgiving. He was willing to let his birthday dinner be the test run.

Now, new recipes wear me out with all the looking at the ingredients and measuring. Once I get things down, I'm more of a "that's about the right amount" kind of cook. It works for us. Anywho, I followed the recipe, and we all loved it, you don't find new awesome stuff without trying new stuff. It's a keeper!

I'm happy about it because I'm trying to move away from the canned cream soups like the cream of mushroom used in the traditional green bean casserole. If you are looking for something different, but yet familiar, try PW's green bean casserole for one of your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners this year.

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