Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It was shower night and generally we herd the boys somewhat together to take a shower, it's a rovolving shower curtain, if you will. It was Jesse's turn to get in and Noah was almost done. I said to Jesse, "Okay, it's your turn, go ahead and get in."

He says to me, "Can I wait until Noah gets out?," in very clear words.

"That's fine." I looked at Tim and we both just snickered-how old does he think he is?

Noah got out a few seconds later and Jesse walked right over and got in and shut the curtain. He didn't really say anything but I could tell something wasn't right so I asked him, "Is the water too hot?"

He responded, "It's too hot. Can you turn it down, so it's colder?"

"Of course!"

I looked at Tim and said, "How is it that he can understand and articulate that when the older boys need it explained to them three times about if it's too hot then you need to say you want it colder?" Tim just laughed.

He was in there a couple of minutes and then Tim poked his head in and since Jesse had gotten himself all wet Tim put the shampoo on his head. Then he lathered up and was quiet and happy playing with the suds and the warm water. He even rinsed himself off and only needed a little help to finish getting all the suds off. He's the best two year old shower-taker around!

Then, after that display of big kid-ness he wanted Tim to wrap him up like a baby in his towel and hold him. Turns out, he still is two!

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