Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love that boy!

Jesse is just so precious. Partly because he's the littlest and that makes him cute, but sometimes he says and does stuff that makes me just want to gobble him up. We had one of those moments this weekend.

He said to me, "We need each other!" and wrapped me in a big hug. All weekend long that's what that boy said to me. And then we'd hug. Best feeling ever!

Well, except for when he lied to me, on purpose, and wouldn't tell the truth. Repeatedly lied. That was a rough battle of wills, but we came out the other side still loving each other and learning what is acceptable to God and our family.

Later in the evening, unprompted he said, "We always tell the truth!" Indeed little man, we do.

We do need each other! We need each other so he can learn to tell the truth and I can learn to displine in love. We're getting it, he and I.

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Dan and Peg said...

What a lovely story! I love toddlers. They teach us so many things. We've had out bout with a lier, and that's tough! Glad you both are working through it...with love!