Monday, December 20, 2010


We had to take everything out of the silverware drawer and wash it. Noah washed, Eli dried and I cleaned out the drawer.

We live in an old house, it's cold, the mice want a warm place to live, need I say more? But I've got their number, we put the silverware tray in a large Ziploc bag so even if they get in the drawer again, the utensils are still clean-ha! Only took me 7 years to figure that one out! And when I got out a spoon this morning, I realized how smart I really am. Score is: Humans 3, Mice 5 (they got in four drawers and a cupboard-I think we'll end up cleaning them all).

Anyway, Eli was drying these little serving knives we have, we use them for cheese balls and that kind of stuff. They are really short and have a stainless steel grape bunch for the handle. I think my mother in law got them at a garage sale or something, so nothing heirloom or fancy, but they are cute. Eli says, "I want to buy these. When we have the auction."

I said, "What?"

Then he got a little bit embarrassed, like he had said the wrong word or something like that, but he pushed on, presumably knowing I would make him spell it out anyway. He said, "When you die, I want these. I'll buy them at the auction."

I totally cracked up on the inside, what eight year old thinks of this stuff? But I said, "Well, Eli, if you like them that much, when you get your own house I'll just give them to you, how about that? Then you don't have to buy them or wait until I die."

"Really?!? Okay!"

Then Noah pipes in that he likes them too. So I think we'll split them, or since there are four, each of the boys can have one. Need to make a note of that somewhere I guess!

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