Thursday, December 16, 2010


Does anyone else think it's odd we've had more snow so far this season than we have had all year some winters? I mean, it's not even Christmas yet. The boys have already used a snow day and had a two hour delay. The way it's looking outside right now, I'm wondering if they'll send them home early today. Although it is just absolutely beautiful!

Not to mention the temperatures we've been having. These are January-February like temperatures. I'm not sure if it's come early or we're in for a very Long Winter. I'm hoping it's just come early. We heat with wood, and man, we're really burning through it-literally! I'm thankful though that I have a husband who likes to see an enormous wood stack, just like I do!

All I can say is the boys are going to enjoy the snow this year, they already are, and that's what I love about my boys! We're hoping to build a snowman soon, so if this is good packing snow, that's what we'll be doing! They'll need my help, of course, not really, but who doesn't love to build a snowman? And maybe we'll have to go sledding at Grandma & Grandpa's tonight when we pick up the little boys....hmm....

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