Thursday, December 02, 2010

PT Fun

Jesse stayed dry all night! He's not having any accidents to speak of, I think he's got this thing!

Some of my favorite things about potty training this kid:
  • When he urgently says, "I'm about to poop in my diaper!" Then we run off to the bathroom, even though he's not wearing a diaper at all.
  • Or when he says (and it's true), "I'm about to have my diarrhea!" and yet he makes it.
  • Heaven forbid if he's wearing a pull-up and you happen to call it underwear. "It's NOT underwear, it's a PULL-UP!"
  • That he does a belly laugh when I say, "Ok, let's pull up your pull-up."
  • When he's on the pot ready to poop and he says, "I'm trying not to cry!" It hurts or he's freaked out still by pooping on the toilet.
  • That the other boys want to go help him so they get rewarded with skittles too. Sometimes he has a room full of brothers "encouraging" him to go. But he won't go, he wants Mama!

It won't be long until he's completely done with diapers, even for the overnight. That feels good!

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