Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Ready

I'm not even sure I should share this story, but I don't want to forget it, it's hysterical!

I put the older boys on the bus in the morning and then head to work, Tim gets the littler boys ready and takes them to the sitters on his way to work.

It was still fairly early one morning when Tim called me. He said he had a story to tell about the morning. It's usually not a good sign if he has to call me to tell me about the morning.

On that particular morning both Simon and Jesse were awake and came downstairs while the older boys and I were getting ready to go. Tim was still upstairs getting dressed, so I turned a "kid show" on and told them they could watch it until Tim told them it was time to get dressed.

When Tim told them to get dressed, they went into their room and started getting their jammies off. Then Jesse started screaming. Tim figured Simon was hurting him so he went into their room ready to punish Simon. Simon was across the room from Jesse. Jesse was standing there, by himself, with his pajamas half zipped screaming. Tim asked him what was wrong.

"I unzipped my penis."

As he was unzipping his pajamas he snagged himself. He had taken his diaper off and gone to the bathroom when he first got up so he wasn't wearing a diaper.

Tim picked him up to comfort him and told him he would be okay. Jesse, still whimpering, said to him, "Kiss it Daddy."

"Uh, I don't think I will, I think it will be okay."

Simon piped in with, "Yeah Jesse, he doesn't want to kiss your penis! Then he'd have penis germs on his mouth and if he kissed someone else they'd get penis germs on their mouth!"

At that point Tim couldn't hold his laughter very well. They all proceeded to laugh at the silliness of Tim kissing Jesse's penis.

I cracked up when he told me. It's been Tim's favorite story for the last week.


Deanna said...

Hilarious indeed. I'm laughing just reading it! I don't think I'd have been able to keep a straight face either!

Peyton's said...

I had to read this one to Jesse, as it was about his "mini-me." He felt sorry for the little guy.