Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Puff Mobile

Eli had to make a "Puff Mobile" for school with only the supplies given to him by his teacher. Here were his supplies:

1 piece of red paper

4 straight pins

4 lifesaver mints

4 bendy straws

He could also use scissors and tape or staples. It needed to be able to roll and to "power" it he has to blow on it. The whole third grade is having a race to see whos goes the farthest.

He got the basic idea from one of the kids who turned theirs in right away. It seems like a good plan, but we didn't get the straws in exactly straight so it turns when he blows on it. However, it was his plan, I just helped with getting the holes in the cone and tweeking some things so help it go straighter. It will go when he blows on it, so I think he'll do just fine!


Deanna said...

Very inventive!

McBorn said...

Cool. I only ever did paper airplanes, with one sheet of paper and no imagination to go beyond the traditional.