Monday, February 07, 2011


"Mom! Jesse's eating mouse poop!"

"No he's not!," as I start to laugh.

Eli getting concerned, "Yes he is!"

"No. He's not! I wouldn't let him eat mouse poop. Why would you think that?"

Then a little dejected Eli says, "Well, Jesse said that's what it is."

Me, looking at Jesse, "Jesse!"

Real sly Jesse says, "It is mouse poop!"


The backstory here is that we live in an old house, and of course, get mice every year in the fall/winter time frame. We set out a few traps, catch a couple and that's the end of it until the next year. This year we didn't really have any until about Christmas time, and then it seems like they were upon us with a vengance. I'm not sure what happened, but they were in drawers and cupboards where there was no food, and pooping on everything. It's so DISGUSTING!!!!

We had been setting traps and then resorted to the sticky paper, which is just horrible to me. What a horrific death. But at that point I had cleaned the drawers three times, including everything in them and I was desperate. Each morning we'd check all the traps to see if we had caught any and to see if there was any more mouse poop. Hence, Jesse, and all the boys are familiar with mouse poop.

At some point we had used some halloween sprinkles and there was just a tiny bit left, and my mom, not one to waste an iota of anything, put them in a Tupperware "smidge" container. Why didn't we just use them up is beyond my comphension at this time. Jesse found the container in a cupboard (an upper cupboard so it was safe from mice) and asked if he could eat them. I told him yes, at least they would gone then.

They were the oblong ones, not the little balls. They were also black. Very similar in looks to mouse poop. Well, now you get where the story in the beginning came from!


Deanna said...

I'm relieved that it *wasn't* mouse poop. We've had a few mice in our house in the winter before but (knock on wood) we haven't had any for a couple of years. I HATE mice!

McBorn said...

What I'm most concerned about is that he said it was mouse poop and was eating it anyway! Glad it wasn't!!