Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I haven't said much about it this time around, but I'm running a half-marathon again.

In 12 days!!!

The reason I haven't said much about it, is that I really haven't trained much, unfortunately. We've had so much snow and ice that it's been difficult to run much. We don't have a treadmill, so it's outside running for me. Which I really enjoy, but not so much on a couple inches of ice. So I've been using our small trampoline (ReboundAIR), which is fun.

I did get out and run some streets last week, the ones that weren't icy. In the neighborhood of nine miles, based on time, but it's hard to tell without the bike path mile markers that I have grown to rely on.

We are in the beginning of a warm up so I'm looking forward to a big, good run this weekend. I'm thinking 12 miles. And maybe I won't have to wear a hat, gloves, and a sweatshirt. Wouldn't that be nice?


Anonymous said...

Reason to rejoice...streets and land can be seen since most ice and snow have melted! Enjoy your run. Fresh air is still cool, but it will feel good to not have so much ice everywhere.

McBorn said...

How did the run home go? I'm glad the snow and ice are gone.