Friday, March 25, 2011

Has is been a week?

It's been a busy week!  Here's a quick recap. 

Warm weather makes the boys antsy to get outside and play, making homework and schoolwork a challenge to get completed each day.  I've taken a couple of Zumba classes, and am really enjoying it so I think I'm going to shoot for going once a week and still running on the weekends.  We'll see how that all pans out as summer comes.  Tim has been busy with his endless springtime projects.  We got all 21 of the windows in.  They are awesome!  Tim got the old ones out of all the rooms just this week so this weekend we are washing all the new windows and putting the screens in.  Then we'll set to cleaning the rooms.  Some of the old trim had to be cut so there's lots of saw dust covering every surface.  I didn't know about that!

Then Eli, Noah, and I will begin the redecoration of their room.  Out with Peter Rabbit (my choosing for when they were little) and in with Military stuff.  We already picked the paint and bought it, and the wall clings just came UPS so we're set.  We just need to start stripping wallpaper and do all the work!  The boys are VERY excited about it.  I'm excited to have them help-you know, work ethic, appreciation and all that.  Not to mention extra hands to strip wallpaper are always welcome in my book!

Our computer had been running super slow so Tim took it in for service and that's the other reason for the lack of posting, no PC.  Does put a damper on the blogging.  Thank goodness for lunch breaks :)

Next up is Jesse's birthday.  We're having a party on Sunday and I'm working on the menu.  We've decided to have everyone over for lunch and then have cake and ice cream for dessert.  Complete with an elephant cake-he's requested it again so that's what I'm going for this time.  I'll post a picture, but only if it turns out well!  In a way it seems like he's already three (he's been saying he's three since before Christmas) so this birthday is a non-event, but on the other hand it's crazy that my littlest guy is three.  Where is the time going?

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