Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 7th Noah!

Noah is seven!  It's been a fairly anticipated birthday, so we were ready for it (mentally).  We got him a new 18" bike.  He thinks it's pretty cool.  I like how it still has pedal brakes on the back and a hand brake for front brakes.  A nice way to introduce hand braking. 

What I really wanted to get him was a haircut.  I almost hate that his seven year picture will be with this hair, but it will also be fun to laugh at as the years go by, and his kids will LOVE it! So I guess there is a silver lining!

He was thinking a "cowboy" birthday so we were were going to make a star cake and decorate it like a sheriff's badge.  But we couldn't find my star cake pan.  We looked high and low-literally.  Tim looked, I looked, Noah looked, I called both Matt and Mom to see if they had seen it anywhere.  No luck.  It should have been with the guitar cake pan, but it wasn't.  We did have to move my formed cake pans since we are remodeling the pantry where they were stored.  Everything went to the basement, or so we thought.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  I was mad, Noah on the other hand, was very understanding and said that he's rather have the sheriff star cake, but that he really did like guitars and a guitar cake would be great.  So guitar cake it was. 

I put some effort into decorating it so at least it was a good guitar cake, since it wasn't his first choice and he was being so understanding to my prediciment.  (Just watch I'll find the pan this week, sitting out on the counter or something.)

Noah is so compassionate, understanding, and kind.  He has such a loving spirit.  I so love that kid! 

Our challenge for this year of seven is going to be to bring those traits out more often than when he swings the other way.  It's a parenting challenge that I don't yet have a solution to, but between Noah and me, working together, I'm sure we'll figure it out-he is amazing!


Deanna said...

Happy birthday, Noah! Wow, SEVEN?! And way to go, Mom! The guitar cake ROCKS!

Homestead Living said...

Happy birthday Noah! I guess we won't forget your birthday again. How fun that Lillie shares your special day.