Friday, May 13, 2011


Eli and Noah and I were waiting on the bus.  She's almost NEVER late so we wondered if maybe there was a sub.  While we were waiting two guys rode by on bikes.  I said, "They're probably riding their bikes to work, that's a good way to save on gas since it's so high.  See, he's got a backpack, maybe he has his lunch in there."
Eli said, "Why is gas so high?"
I'm not sure if I want to get into this, and really I don't know why gas is high so I said, "Well, there are a lot of reasons Eli."
"Tell me just one."
Hmmm.  Is the bus here yet?
"Okay.  Remember that oil spill we had a while back?"
"Well, after that Obama said he didn't want us to get oil there anymore, in case there was another spill.  So since we are not getting oil there, there is less oil and that makes it more expensive.  Does that make sense?"

Noah said, "Just in case there's another spill."
"Right, but there might not ever be, we don't know."
"Yeah that's true."

I look toward Eli for understanding, he had nodded but I wasn't sure that he really understood.  It's simple supply and demand, but he is only eight.  So I relayed a similar example using peanut butter sandwiches.  That made more sense to him.  So then he says, "I can't wait until we vote for a new president."
"Yes that will be nice, but we don't know what the new person would be like, they might not be any better.  And, we could vote Obama in for another four years, whoever gets the most votes wins, that's the way it works."  Well that's mostly the way it works.  I don't think he's at the political level to discuss the electoral college and whatnot so we'll leave it as the most votes wins.
"Well I wish I could vote."
"I know, but you can't because you'd just vote for whoever I told you to vote for, that's why kids can't vote.  We want people to understand all about it before they vote.  See, there are two main groups, the democrats and republicans that have people that get voted for.  There are smaller groups, but the main ones are democrats and republicans.  And me, I'm one of the smaller groups."
At this point Noah finally pipes in, "What group it that mom?"
"I'm a libertarian."
"A librarian?"
"A lib-er-tar-ian"
"Oh, what's a libertarian?"
"A libertarian is someone who thinks they should be allowed to do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt with other people.  Like, I can't put chemicals into our pond because it drains to the river and that's where cities get their water and clean it for drinking.  Does that make sense?"

Eli nodded, I went on, "Libertarians also think that we should take care of ourselves and if someone in our family or our community needs something, we should take care of it.  The way it is now if someone is poor and needs something the government gives it to them.  Libertarians want just a little bit of government."

Noah said, "Yeah, but now, If a guy needs something, he doesn't have to bother you he just goes and gets it."
I can see the bus so we need to wrap this up.
"True Noah, but the government doesn't have any money, so they take money out of my paycheck and give it to people.  I would rather decide who gets my money."
"Oh," as a light starts to light up in Noah's head.

"Have a great day boys!" I shout as they pile out of the car.

Oh I love to talk politics!

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Anonymous said...

Every vote does count. I am glad they are learning an educated voter casts the best vote! Voting is a right we have. It helps make living here more of a blessing.