Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say it!

We (Simon, Jesse, and I) were in the car when Jesse said, "Simon say J-E-S-S-E."


"Simon say J-E-S-S-E."


Getting whiney and mean, "Simon say J-E-S-S-E."

No response.  I can tell this is about to turn bad so I said, "Jesse, if you ask Simon nicely instead of telling him what to do maybe he'll do it."

"Okay.  Simon, may you say J-E-S-S-E?"


Oh dear.  "Well, he still doesn't want to say it, so just let it go Jesse."

Jesse's mad, but they are both strapped in so there won't be any hitting since Jesse can't reach Simon.  But Jesse's not ready to let it go.  He said, "When we get home, I'm going to get a toy and I'm going to throw it at you!"

I almost laughed, but didn't and said, "Jesse!  We don't throw things so you're not going to do that so don't say you are."

"I wasn't going to throw a toy!  I wasn't!  I'm going to get a pillow and throw it," now he's lightening up, "and then I'll get a blanket and throw it," he giggled.

Simon thinks it's funny too so he, quietly, and so quickly said, "J-E-S-S-E."


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Anonymous said...

Simon was teaching Jesse that people cooperate better when asked pleasantly. When Jesse was talking about throwing pillows and blankets
they both chuckled. They must have been remembering some fun pillow fights. Simon still makes me smile!