Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The boys had been growing out their hair.  Eli was ready to get rid of his, Noah not so much but Tim and I couldn't take it anymore!  Haircuts for them both!

Eli Before:

Eli After:

I don't recognize him!  He's been asking me to shave it for a month, but I wanted to be sure he wasn't going to regret it.  We love to "pet" his head.

Noah Before:

Noah After:

We got our Noah back!


Deanna said...


Dan and Peg said...

Love the haircuts. Our boys get their hair buzzed off, and we love going around rubbing their fuzzheads. Much cooler for summer!!

Homestead Living said...

What a difference! Eli looks pretty proud of his new buzz. :)

Anonymous said...

A definite "cared for" look!
Great job, Mom.