Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I had cooked dinner so the kitchen was hot.  We opted to eat in the dining room, we do that a lot in the summer.  As dinner was winding down Jesse got up and wandered off to find something to play with.  He came back with a couple of legos and sat back down in his seat to finish eating.  Then he dropped the legos under the table.  He crawled under there to pick them up.  While he was there he laid his cheek on my leg to show me some love before coming back out. 

He stood right beside me and said, "Mom your legs are sharp!  I put my face on you and it was sharp right here on my cheek," as he pointed to his rosy little cheek. 

I laughed and said, "I have long hair on my legs like Dad too, but I just shave mine off.  Then when it grows in, it is a little "sharp" isn't it?"


Homestead Living said...

Cute!!! I love to hear your little stories. :)

Anonymous said...
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