Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The boys are in new childcare this week and pack their lunch everyday.  Since they are new, and aren't used to packing lunches or lunch boxes, I took keychains, the kind you can slide out the slip of paper and write something on, and labeled Simon's and Jesse's lunch boxes with their names.  I attached it to the zipper and I think it's working well. 

Tim normally takes them in the mornings, but I took them the first day.  I think I was more nervous than them.  Anyway on their second day they were excited for Tim to take them and show him where their classes are and where to go.

Jesse was excited about taking his lunch so he was showing Tim his lunch box.  Jesse said to Tim, "See it says, J-E-S-S-I-M-O-N."


Anonymous said...

It is obvious he has a big brother named Simon. Sure hope this is a beautiful, fulfilling super Summer for them.

Peyton's said...

How cute... when I was young, my last name was Gerschutz and my cousins was Rumschlag, when we would write each others name, it was Rumschutz, or Gerschlag, as we would start out with one and end with what were were used to writing once we got through the the SCH.