Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snack Time

It's been so hot this week, anyone noticed? 

One day after a piece of fruit for an afternoon snack Jesse asked if they could have freeze pops.  I said sure.  He went to pick them out of the freezer and I went to get the scissors.  He came back and Simon and Jesse were deciding who would get which one.

While they were negociating, I asked Jesse how his tonsils were doing today.  He said fine and I asked him to show me.  (As I held the scissors in my hand.)  He looked at me all alarmed and said, "Are YOU going to cut them out?" 

"Oh no!  You have to be a special doctor to do that.  We'll have the doctor do it."

"Okay," and he opened his mouth wide.

1 comment:

Peyton's said...

Perceptive to think you might trick him into opening his mouth so you can cut them out... if only it were that simple. Glad he is doing good for now.