Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dinner Discussions

We were sitting a the table eating dinner when the subject turned to maturing, physical maturing.  I said something about Eli growing his "man hair,"  which in our house currently refers to long arm and leg hair, armpit hair, and facial hair.  Eli put his forearm in front of him and while scrutinizing it said, "Well right now I'm working on my arm hair."
Tim smirked and said, "How are you working on it?"
Eli sort of ignored the question.
I said, "Why arm hair, why not armpit hair?  Do you have that already?"
Eli then proceeds to lift up his arm and look in his armpit.  "Nope, not yet."
Tim said, "Well, do you want me to show you how to work on growing your armpit hair?  This is what I did when I was your age."
Eli's eyes light up and he said, "Yeah!"
Tim raises his left arm and turned his face towards his armpit.  At this point I'm wondering where this could go.  He proceeds to tell the boys, "You have to hum, kind of like you sing to a baby to get them to grow, you hum to your armpit."  Now his has his face turned completely toward his armpit and he is humming and then he says, "And you rub it like this."  He takes his right hand and rubs his armpit in a circular motion while he's humming.  I'm just shaking my head at this point.
Eli's not sure about it and says, "Really does that work?"
"Yeah look at all this hair I have!" Tim said.
Eli looked at me for confirmation, and I just raised my eyebrows.
I look around the table and there are five, count them, five males all with one arm up, rubbing their armpits and humming.

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