Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jesse Surgery

Jesse had his tonsils out in August.  We took a picture of them the night before, just so we'd remember, and so he could see them.

They were huge, right?

It was just Jesse and I hanging out at the hospital, Tim and my mom were on duty with the other boys.  The nurses gave him some "loopy" medicine so he'd be calm to go back with them.  It was hard for me to let go of control of my boy and let them wheel him down the hall, but he was calm (thanks to the meds), so I was too.  Then they put him under and after that put his IV in.

Forty minutes later the doc came in to see me and tell me it went well and that his adenoids were very large too.  Doc said he'd be out of recovery in about an hour.  I waited for Jesse in the Almost Home unit.  An hour and 15 minutes later I heard the elevator ding so I popped my head in the hall to see if it was my Jesse.  Indeed it was.  I smiled and said, "Hi Jesse!"  The nurse said to me, "You must be Janelle."  He had apparently asked for "mom" and when he didn't get me told them, "Her's name is Janelle."

The nurse said they had to take some time to get his pain under control, and at one point he was emotional and said to them, "Just tell me why.  Why is this taking so long?"  Poor little fella!

He took full advantage of having pop and slushies and popsicles.  Full advantage!

It's been three weeks and Jesse seems to be all healed up and doing fine.  Back to his old tricks.  Only now he's added in needed to eat "cold stuff" to help this throat (or stomach, or whatever ailment he thinks he currently has).


Anonymous said...

Definitely enlarged tonsils...excellant picture of "before surgery" tonsils. Healing afterwards is Jesse's job. Get well and stay well young man!

Deanna said...

Wowzers! Those are some serious tonsils! Good decision to have them removed. Whew! And I'm relieved to hear he's back up & runnin'!! I'm thankful every day to access to health care and quality doctors to care for my children.