Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We went to the beach on vacation and had lots of fun with just our six for the whole week!

Lots of fun at the pool, in the hot tub and night swimming.  Jesse seemed to think the little hot tub was his personal swimming pool.  He loved the waterfall.

Eli was the official Mom and Dad photographer.  He's doing well, or at least I think so.  He'll take two or three, zoom in for one of them so we have a choice of several pictures, and he pretty much always gets a good one. 

When it rained all day we went to a Science Center, along with all of the other vacationers :) Here they were hard at work building with magnetic shapes. Building Hogwarts, I might add. They were mostly hands on exhibits, which the boys really enjoyed.

And yes, we do matching shirts when we are out in crowded public places.  I can scan and count four (or five) blue shirts very quickly.  Gives this mama some peace of mind!

Playing in the sand (and surf).  It was so windy and the current so strong the last couple of days we had to keep Jesse in arms reach if he was in the ocean.  We put floaties on Simon too, just to make us all feel better (and be easier to spot).

Look at those waves crashing behind us, they were huge, at least to us midwesterners!

We did enjoy clear enough water that we could see little fish swimming all around.  That was really fun for us.

I love this picture of Eli boogie boarding. The waves!
Eli and Noah spent a lot of time on the boogie boards. I tried it too, and man, it's hard work!

Bubble bath for the boys to get off the sand and seaweed. Oh, the seaweed. It was in places seaweed should never be found! Must have been a storm that stirred up the ocean, 'cause it was all over us!

Out for dinner and strolling the wharf.  There was also a huge playground there, and we spent a lot of time chasing the boys around all over it.  It was a huge wooden structure with lots of passages, tunnels, and towers.  They pretended it was Hogwarts, and chose different towers to be Gryffindor and Slytherin.  Those boys crack me up.

Jesse and I buried Simon in the sand and then Simon and I tried to bury Jesse, not so much, he's still a wiggly three year old!

We all had a great time!  Wish you were there, or at least had fun on your vacation this summer!


Homestead Living said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time making memories! We are so busy in the summers with camp. If we do get to go this year it will be in late Oct., early Nov. I sure hope we can get away. I feel it is the only time my husband can truly relax! :)

Grandma Beth said...

Pictures of Vacation 2011 are fun to see! Rain or no rain,it was family together-time. Sand or no sand, Boys treat each other special. On vacation, or off vacation, Tim & Janelle show Boys how You love each other. Seeing you refreshed from vacation is inspiring.

Deanna said...

What great memories you've created! Those waves are awesome!