Friday, August 12, 2011

New cousin

We took dinner over to my sister and her family after they were home from the hospital and Paul allowed us to have a photo shoot while he was taking his nap.  Such a laid back little fellow.  And so little!  Love it!
First up was Simon, he was very eager to hold Paul.  He has a heart for babies, he'll make such a good daddy some day!

Next was Jesse, he likes fellows littler than him.  Makes him feel like a big boy.  I'm sure they will be buddies, just like him and Sean!

Noah enjoys holding babies too and was ready for his turn.

Eli had to be coaxed to hold Paul, just not a "baby" guy, but he loves them all the same.  Gets it from his Daddy :)
Thanks for letting us love on you baby Paul!  You are well loved!

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