Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This was Jesse's first year in VBS as a participant, instead of just being in the nursery.  I work in the preschool classroom and this year Simon has moved on, but I had Jesse.  I will say 6:15 to 8:00 five nights in a row is hard on the three year old crowd.  I noticed it with all of our three year olds.  Several of them had meltdowns at one point or another during the week, Jesse included.  I did a lot of comforting and holding of the melter-downers.  And a capri-sun and goldfish work wonders for the spirit of a three year old!  Not to mention a session on the playground!  We're pretty flexible in the preschool rooms.

There's always a contest to see who can bring in more pennies, the boys or the girls, and this year, the boys rocked the house!  Woo hoo!  Miss Betsie got the bucket of water on her head since the boys won, which my boys were very pleased about!
She's such a good sport!

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