Thursday, September 01, 2011


We were walking back to the car after soccer practice when Jesse pointed off in the distance and said, "It's Tennessee!" 

I looked in the direction of this pointing and don't see anything but an empty football field, a team practicing football on the practice field, and some tennis courts.  "What?"

He points again and said "It's Tennessee!"

Now Eli is trying to figure out what Jesse means too so he looks in the same direction, toward the tennis courts.  Then Eli says, "Do you mean tennis courts?"

"Yeah, tennis!"

I was rearranging furniture in Jesse and Simon's room when he comes to me and says, "Can I have some of those Panda bears?"  We had just gone through all of the stuffed animals and he had picked three little matching bears to keep (not Panda bears, but close enough) and he had left them in the kitchen.  I figured he was referring to them so I said, "Oh, sure, you picked them.  They are laying in a row on the floor by the cupboard.  Do you remember leaving them there?"

His face lit up, but then got a little bit frowny, but he ran off.  He came back in less time than he could have made it to the kitchen and back.  He was really frowning now and said, "No, I mean those little Panda bears," as he's motioning with his hands a small space.

I'm looking at him and say, "Panda bears?  I'm not sure what you mean....oh, do you mean gummy bears?  The ones on the counter?"

"Yeah, gummy bears!  Can I have some?"

"Yes, you can have two gummy bears."

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Anonymous said...

Tenness...bears...Jesse is getting half the concept right already! He is growing so quickly & learning much! Eli's perspective & perseverance is just what Mom needs. GOD provides in the most delightful ways.