Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner Discussions

Listening to conversations at our dinner table is like following a "Family Circus" character.  I don't know how this particular conversation got started, but I love it!

"God made everything," Noah stated.

"No he didn't, he didn't make this plate.  It's glass.  God didn't make glass, we did," Eli corrected, with just a touch of snotty.
"God made all the stuff we use.  He made the stuff that we use to make glass," Noah retorted, keeping his snotty in check for a nice change.

Simon decided to join in, "So like, God made metal and we used the metal to make this plate," then he got a little sheepish realizing that this plate was not metal as he had suggested.

Eli getting up to clear his plate said, a little too snippy for my liking to Simon, "No!  It's not metal, it's glass!  And glass is made out of....well I don't know, but I do know that if you blow on the end of a stick a glass ball comes out."  Then he hesitated and said, "But I'm not sure how they made the plate." 

I happen to know he's thinking of the page in our Christmas book Jolly Old Santa Claus where the elves are blowing glass to make ornaments.  One of my favorite pictures in the book.  And the best Christmas book ever, by the way!

Eli walked out of the kitchen and Tim asked the other boys what glass was made out of, but they didn't know.

Jesse said, "Well I do know that if I went outside and blew on a stick that a plate would NOT come out the other side."

Indeed child, indeed.

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Peyton's said...

So funny and so logical of Jesse to know. Kids sure say and think the craziest things.