Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today is my sweet Jesse's birthday. He's four. He's getting so big and learning so much.

He knows how to spell his name and when is birthday is - March 28. He can spell Simon's name and count to 20 (most of the time). He knows part of our address and knows to call 9911 if there's an emergency. Though I'm not confident he knows how to work a phone so the extra 9 may not be an issue. He knows about fire safety and where are meeting place is if there is a fire.

He now can sit and watch a movie, as well as play legos or with matchbox cars for an extended period of time. He knows The Lord's Prayer, Psalm 23, and Psalm 19:14 by heart. Not to mention all of the songs he knows. His favorite is Boom Boom Pow (I'm aware it's not a song for a 3 year old-that was a poor parenting choice that stuck), but loves to sing "The B-I-B-I-L" and we love to hear it! One day soon it will be "The B-I-B-L-E". And he can play Angry Birds like nobody's business, and isn't phased in the slightest that he rarely clears a level.

When he's upset or hurt he stills love for me to sing him his "Jesse" song. It still quiets him down like no other. He is still a snuggle bug, but he is NOT a baby, so please don't call him one. I have made the switch to "youngest" and he is fine with that.

Jesse has a very clear understanding of rules and what they are. He doesn't always choose to follow them, but he is very aware of them. Even things that aren't rules so much as just a routine becomes a rule for him to adhere to. When we leave the daycare he always wants to run ahead so I say to him, "stop at the bottom step." To me it's just good sense, but to him it's a rule to follow, and he does.

He has a phenomenal memory. He remembers things from a year or two ago without us prompting him and just brings it up to talk about. Then he is very proud of himself when we are all amazed at his memory. His memory for people's names is astounding considering both of his parents struggle with that-he remembers the doctor's name that took his tonsils out in August.

Jesse has been our most challenging boy to parent to date, but also has brought so much joy. I think four is going to be a good year for Jesse. A time to bloom and come into his own. A time for this Mama to cherish. I just love that boy!

Happy Birthday Jesse!

*side note, once I get my software loaded for my new camera I'll add pictures. I'm just struggling to find the time to get that completed.

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Homestead Living said...

Happy Be-lated birthday Jesse!!! Sounds like you have a bright little guy. :) Praying all is going well with Tim's recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
Lots of love,