Monday, April 02, 2012

Manly Things

Since Tim is off work due to his knee surgery, I've not had to take all four boys with me every time we leave the house for an errand. Which is a little vacation in itself.

The other night at dinner I was getting ready to take Eli and Noah to the children's group at church. Generally, Simon, Jesse, and I go to the library while they are at church. However, I had a certain birthday cake to work on so I didn't want to stay at the library, I wanted to come home and I was trying to convince Simon and Jesse that they wanted to stay home. They love to go to the library so it can be a little bit of a hard sell.

Tim sees where I am going with it and jumps right in. "Yeah boys, stay here with me! And we'll do manly things!"

They just look at him.

He steps it up with his fake deep manly voice and says, "Manly things like cutting down trees and driving the tractor and making a fire and splitting wood!"

Jesse chimes in, "Or we could ride our bikes or watch a movie!"

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Anonymous said...

They sense the need to do things, manly or unmanly, with Dad helping make it special.