Thursday, March 01, 2012

Surgery Day, with updates

Today is Tim's knee surgery. His dad and his nephew are with him so I didn't have to use a vacation day to sit and wait. We figure there will be plenty of times I'll need to take off work to take him somewhere or get things done because he's down for the count. Plus Matt will call and text me with the progress. In fact, I just got a pic of Tim in his gown making a crazy face. They are such goofballs!

The surgeon said the surgery should take about an hour and then his knee won't be back to 100% for a year. A YEAR! We're hopeful he'll recover quickly and be back to work in eight or nine months. I'll post updates to this post as we have progress.
Surgery took about an hour and a half, the surgeon said it's just not a very good knee. He has bad cartilage damage and has three spots where it is almost bone on bone. The ACL repair went well, they cleaned up the meniscus-which apparently part of it had been taken out with his first ACL replacement so there isn't much left at this point, and they took out floating chunks of cartliage. I thought they were doing something more extensive with cartliage, and Matt did too, so Matt is going to ask more questions when he goes back when Tim wakes up. Also the surgeon said full recovery in 6-9 months, so maybe things were different once they got in there. More updates to follow.
1:20 Awake, but struggling with some nausea. They will get that under control before releasing him.
2:30 Heading home, no bending machine for now.

Home and doing well but still fighting the nausea-pain is not too much with the pain medicine given.

Had therapy on Saturday and the therapist was very pleased with his range of motion. Gave him excercises to do twice daily. After getting home his lower leg was retaining water from being down in the car for so long. Doing well overall. Now we just need to keep him busy so he doesn't do too much too soon!

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