Monday, February 27, 2012

Running Again

I went to Florida this weekend to run Disney's Princess Half Marathon again. It is so nice to go to warm weather for a weekend in the winter. I didn't properly train for the race (at least in my mind), but it must have been okay because I beat my time last year by two minutes for a new Personal Record of 2:39.

Now my legs are sore today, but it'll be fine. I'm just making sure to take a walk every hour so they don't stiffen up too much. I had secretly wanted to run the whole time without walking, but I didn't quite make it. I did make it to mile nine until I had to go to the bathroom, then after mile 10 I walked little bits here and there. So no stops for nine miles other than slowing down while drinking or eating.

This may have been my last one, although my uncle is trying to convince me to sign up again for next year. But I'm not sure. Tim is having knee surgery on Thursday and will be off work at least six months and up to a year depending on how his recovery goes. As such, we are cutting luxuries, and going to Florida by myself for a girly weekend is a luxury. Unfortunately! But man, Florida in February is the bomb!

I'm also not loving running so much anymore. I started doing it because I had four boys under the age of seven and needed just a little time by myself. Running provided that. Now, the boys are big and fun and I don't need to get away for a little while like I did then. I just would rather be with them than without them. However, I've been doing Zumba (when we are not in soccer season) so I do get a little bit of girly fitness time without my crew. The boys grow up and change so fast, and I still have so much to teach them that I don't want to waste it!

Maybe if I could get my sister to go with the way, you're welcome for those texts from the race waking you up early on your weekend birthday! Happy Birthday sweet sister!

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