Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tornado Safety

Simon is on the "safety kick." He's at that age. Eli and Noah both went through it. With them it was fire safety, we talked about it two or three times a week at dinner. I guess since Simon has been hearing about fire safety for as long as he can remember and he's got the plan down pat, he wants to move on. He talks about tornado safety, worries about it, mumbles about it, and dreams about it.

We were discussing it the other day (again) when I said, "Well Simon, I'll put some bottled water and a box of granola bars over in the corner of the basement where we go for a tornado. That way if there is a tornado we'll be able to have a snack."

He seemed very pleased by this and said, "Okay. But let's only eat one bite of the granola bar since that's all we'll have to eat for the rest of our lives."

I laughed and said, "Or just until the tornado is gone and we can come out."

Then he laughed and said, "Oh yeah!"

So now I need to add bottled water to my grocery list and organize a tornado drill for the boys. Guess I should have a flashlight down there too. I would hate to be sitting there in the dark in that damp creepy crawly basement!

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