Monday, April 16, 2012

Cavern Adventure

We took a family outing to the Caverns. Tim was off crutches for this adventure, so that was nice, but it was a lot of steps for him to deal with his new walking brace. He’s such a trooper, because I’m sure it hurt!

Eli and Jesse at the biggest formation.

 Noah with a formation.

Simon outside the cavern. He had taken his DS so he was busy the whole time inside taking pictures of the caverns and formations and I was never able to get a picture of him.

We all learned more about the caverns and look forward to going back when the open up some new pathways this summer. Noah also entertained Tim and I by coming up with a question to ask every time our guide asked if there were any questions. Apparently, he’s “that” kid. I’m glad we have one that isn’t timid and is willing to ask questions.

Then we played on the playground for a bit before heading home.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Cool pictures of a cool, cute,caring family.