Thursday, April 12, 2012


I got home the other day and Tim was working on the gate. Since it was shut, I waited on the outside while he and the boys were on in inside until he was done working on it. I held onto the gate and said to Simon, “It’s like I’m in jail and I can’t get out!” He just laughed at me. So then I said, “Maybe you’re the one in jail and YOU can’t get out.” He laughed harder.

Tim came over to me when he was done and I leaned to kiss him through the gate. He obliged of course. I was watching him as we kissed and he was mostly watching the cars go by, which just made me laugh.  Tim said, “The people going by are thinking, ‘Get a room!’ “ I laughed but protested and said, “No, they are saying, ‘She’s hot, why doesn’t he let her in?’ ” Then he laughed and said, “No they are thinking, ‘Boy he’s a catch, no wonder she wants to get in!’ “ and then he laughed and laughed.
I love that man!

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Gates are Good!