Monday, April 09, 2012

Lego Adventure

We took the boys to the Lego Kid’s Fest and we all had an absolutely wonderful time! Tim was still on crutches so we borrowed my sister’s old wheelchair so he wouldn’t have to go around on crutches all day. It was hard for him to be sitting all day and not be able to stretch his legs, but it made the day do-able for him. There were lots of things to see and do…

There was a huge brick pile.

 Lots and lots of display models in cases.

There were car races.

There were Ninjaga spinners.

There were Lego building challenges. For this one they asked for ideas of something to build in two minutes. Simon raised his hand and she called on him and he suggested a lawnmower. She said they’d never done a lawnmower, she said it was the most creative idea, so that’s what she decided we all had to build. Unfortunately our table had no wheels, so that was a little bit more challenging.

There was the Lego Art Gallery.

There were life size Harry Potter characters.

And Star Wars Characters.


It was an absolutely wonderful day. The boys were well behaved, gracious, and thankful for us taking them.

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