Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To be like you

I was in the mood for iced tea so I put the tea pot on the stove to boil, got out the tea, my glass, and a pyrex batter bowl. When the water was ready I put the tea to steep in my pyrex bowl. A few minutes later I added some honey and they got my cup full of ice. About that time Jesse came in from outside and wanted a drink too. He got his cup and filled it with ice and water while I poured my tea over the ice in my glass. Then I set my glass down on the stove while I threw the tea bags away. When I turned back to the stove Jesse was setting his cup right next to mine.

He looked up at me with those georgous blue eyes and said a little shyly, "I just want to be like you." Then he flashed me a smile.

I smiled right back and scooped him up in a big hug. "I know you do, and that makes me want to be a really good person, so you are too. I love you Jesse!"

"I love you too!"

And isn't that the crux of parenthood? Striving to be a better person so the example your children have is good? My boys make me a better person.


Homestead Living said...

Most definitely!!! Having children changed my life forever and I don't ever want to look back!

Grandma Beth said...

Amen (so be it)!!Even after children become adults, parents still want to be the best example they can be. Thank You for forgiving me each time I made a mistake. GOD has shown You how to be graceful. Love You Always, Mom