Friday, August 24, 2012

New Jersey

So we went to the Jersey Shore on vacation. Maybe I could post about that sometime? No promises. I am in the busiest month of the year (for me personally). However, I have a darling story that I must tell.

We imposed upon the hospitality of my aunt and uncle for accommodations at the "shore", and by the way, why is it a shore and not a beach? Every other time I've been to the ocean it's been a beach. Who can know? But I digress.

My aunt took the boys into the ocean for a while and Tim and I just lounged. When they came back my Aunt Melissa was laughing. She said Jesse was doing the "Look what I can do!" routine for her and came up with a new one. He said to her, "Watch me! I call this the 'New Jersey'!" Then he would proceed to wind up his legs and arms like a cartoon character, run into the ocean, spin around, and plop down in the water facing the beach (shore?).

That move will henceforth be known as the "New Jersey" in our house. I think maybe it got a name because we just watched the Olympics? Dives are named, gymnastic moves are named, that kind of thing?

So fast forward to the week after vacation and we are back at soccer practice. We get the uniforms and are at home heading inside. Jesse pipes up and says, "Here's my New Jersey!" I wait for him to do the "New Jersey" in the yard or driveway or something, but instead he's literally looking at his new jersey. You know, the jersey he plays soccer in?

Apparently my mind is still at the "shore"!

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Grandma Beth said...

Sounds like Mom was thinking like one the "boys"! I am grinning as I write this. 'Tis a joy to read what You write.