Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Real Catch

Tim's family thinks he got real catch in me, and he did, I'm not denying that! But I got an equally good catch in him.

I want to give a little bit of context to this case in point I'm going to explain. Our driveway is adjacent to the side of our house. That particular side of the house we are currently working on painting and restoring (I say "we" because I write the checks for the materials and the work we hire out-that makes me part of the we, right?). There has been the lift and/or ladders in the way for the last few weeks and I can't park right next to the door under the portico, which is "my" spot. I understand it's temporary and haven't said a word about it.

Here is my case that I got quite a catch in Tim:
The other day Matt and I met up in the kitchen and said, "Why didn't you park under the portico last night?"

I thought about it and said, "Is it open? There has been a ladder there the last couple of days and I didn't even look last night."

Matt said, "Yeah, Tim made a big deal about me moving the ladder so you could get up there to park by the house." He said it like it was one of those things where Tim is just being a little bit OCD and it doesn't really matter. I felt the need to explain it to Matt, because while Tim is often a little OCD and borders on ridiculous at times, this is not one of them. At least not to me. To me it was a gesture of love.

"Well, see, when we bought this house, I really wanted an attached garage. Tim really wanted this house. Obviously, we do not have an attached garage, so it was a concession I had to make and continue to make by living here. Tim understands that it was a compromise for me, and so he lets me park under the portico and he walks farther to the other parking every day. Since no one had used the ladder that was blocking my way for a couple of days he wanted you to move it so he can keep up his end of the deal as much as possible. He does good work keeping me happy."

Matt just looked at me and nodded in understanding. I'm telling you-he is going to make someone a great husband someday; Tim and I are getting him all trained up!

So see, I did get quite the catch!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like "true love" to me.