Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We were sitting in service on Sunday and our pastor was relaying a story about Paul in the Bible saying he prayed for something, and God told him no. He prayed for it again and again God told him no. Not deterred, he prayed a third time for it, God told him no, and then gave a reason. Our pastor's point was that we should not be afraid to continue to petition God in prayer.

I was pondering this and then I leaned over to Tim and asked, "So, should we not get mad at the boys for asking for the same stuff over and over when we've already said no?"

Tim whispered back, "I'm not God. I don't have that kind of patience!"

I smothered a laugh. It was all I could do to keep control. And I think we'll stick with our rule: No means no-don't ask again!

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Grandma Beth said...

You and Tim have lots of patience. GOD has given you four sons to raise. Patience is part of the total package. You both are patient at every family meal. Every weekend during the Wedding Season your sons are learning to be more patient. They have learned so much, it is proof that You two have patience. Give each other some credit, & continue doing well!