Thursday, September 20, 2012


I guess I better announce it on the blog--we are homeschooling Eli.

We got the official letter from the Superintendent this week excusing Eli from school for this year. So now it's officially official that we are homeschooling. Even though we have been doing it for 4 1/2 weeks already.

Speaking of which, Eli would like to have more time "off" school, so he's currently working to do more work every day so he can have Fridays "off". We'll see how that pans out as he has a tendency to put off doing work until I can sit beside him and encourage him. Which of course, is partly why we are homeschooling. He does so much better one on one.

But now the other boys are starting to ask more frequently if they can homeschool. Not sure about all that. I mean, I'd love it, but I need to get used to doing the one boy first and prove to Tim Eli is really learning and this can work. Time will tell.

Tim's heart is softening toward homeschooling so I want to make this really successful. And this is a wonderful opportunity for Eli to get a better base of the core fundamentals; currently his base is just not solid.

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