Friday, October 05, 2012

Homeschool Update

We're getting into a groove with homeschooling, but I keep wondering if I'm doing enough? But it's my nature to second guess myself like that, I do it all over my life. It makes me take stock of what we are doing, which is good.

We just completed Unit II of his math program, but I'm not feeling the rock solid-ness that I'd like to coming from him. So we're taking a week off and going to run flashcards everyday to see if that gets the foundation a little more solid before moving on. After all, that's the main reason we are homeschooling, right?

I have to be careful not to push through, and to slow down when he needs to. I want to dump so much into his head, but I need to make sure it's staying there. It's hard when his brain is like a sponge that soaks it up, and then drips it right back out. But I like a challenge!

I also think it's interesting that Tim is really liking that we get to pick what Eli learns. For instance, the other day I asked Tim when he learned the states and their capitals. I was thinking it must have been 5th grade for me, because I did a state report on Mississippi that year. Tim said he thought it was 5th grade for him too. So I said, "I guess I need to add that to this year then too, huh?" Tim agreed and I was off on the hunt for US geography for a 5th grader. It's so nice to have Tim's support, I was afraid he wouldn't fully support me since he's not lovestruck by homeschooling. But I should have known better-Tim always has my back!

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So glad things are going well!!! Just holler if you need anything.