Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dinner Discussions, Breakfast Edition

Tim was fixing the boys breakfast over the weekend and as I came downstairs it sounded like they were having entirely too much fun.

I rounded the corner into the dining room and almost bumped into Tim. He's trying to stifle a laugh and said, "Did you hear any of that?"

"No, why?"

Tim relayed this exchange to me:
Simon said, "What do cows do on a date?"
I replied, "Go to a mooovie."
He smiled and said, "Almost. Dinner and a moooovie."
So then I said, "What do cows like to listen to?"
All the big boys were laughing and said, "Muuusic."
Jesse was laughing right along with them and said, "What do cows eat?"
We all looked at each other and no one could think of it. So we said, "No what?"
Jesse laughed and said, "Grass! Didn't you know that cows eat grass?"
We all just shook our heads and laughed.


Grandma Beth said...

These are the memories that will be hard to forget. Weekend breakfasts can be the very best!

Dan and Peg said...

Love it! We have a Sam that is good for punchlines like that. And my kids found a joke book around the house this summer, so we're having all kinds of fun hearing the jokes, and the laughter!! What a blessing!