Tuesday, November 06, 2012


So today is the day to vote! I hope you have.

We talk a lot about politics at our house, and I would say our boys know more about the candidates than some of the people actually voting today.

When we talk I'll say "Romney" and Jesse will say, "Do you mean Mitt Romney?"  Yes Jesse, I do mean Mitt Romney. Then he'll go on to say, "Barack Obama makes bad choices so that's why we're voting for Mitt Romney. He doesn't always make good choices, but they are better than Barack Obama." That's a boy after my own heart!

I really am trying to get the boys to understand that even though the person we vote for may not win, we still respect the office of president and whomever is in that office. Which is hard if you're guy doesn't win. Which my guy won't-I never said who my guy was ;)

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