Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stiff and Sore

I've started running again on the weekends. I started with a two mile run, trying to start small. And the next couple of days I could certainly tell it's been a while since I've run. I was stiff, not all that sore but just stiff. A good reminder to stretch and warm up better next time!

Simon wanted to show me something upstairs in the playroom/schoolroom so I grabbed his hand and we started up the stairs. As I took the steps the tightness in my legs reminded me I need to get out and run again soon, and I said to Simon, "Simon, my legs sure are sore from running!"

Without missing a beat he replied, "Well you better get used to it Lady!"

I snorted and laughed and he laughed right along with me. Tells it like it is. I love that kid!

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Grandma Beth said...

Simon, since He was born, has always made someone smile! Love You, Simon.