Monday, September 17, 2012


We had an awesome weekend. It was jam packed, but so enjoyable!

Eli tied his soccer game Friday night and then we went with friends to the last half of the high school football game. They lost, but it was fun. I hadn't been to a high school football game since I was in high school I think, so it's been awhile! Loved that the boys saw people they knew and we did too. After nine years of living here, we really feel like we have a solid place in the community, and I love that feeling of belonging!

Saturday brought three soccer games, and I got to go to all of them. Didn't get to stay for all of Eli's but he played the whole time I was there. Turns out Jesse and Eli won and Simon lost. They had Simon in for goalie and he forgot he could pick up the ball. He tried to kick the ball out of the goal and that wasn't as effective as picking it up, but he did well.

And since the sun came out, I have further solidified my look of a raccoon because of sunburn while wearing sunglasses. Such is my life I guess. I need to carry a little bottle of sunscreen in my purse, that may be my only saving grace!

Between games I got a text from my girlfriend that she finally got her husband from the airbase, he's fresh from Afghanistan. So thankful!

Then we had one of the best weddings we've ever had. The parents of the bride are just the nicest people. So kind. I want to grow up and be like them. Days like that make it worthwhile. Makes up for a couple of others we've had this year.

Sunday was so fun! Our friend John's Welcome Home party was Sunday and I had offered to do all the food so Katie wouldn't have to worry about it. I've spent the last two weeks organizing food and people and resources for the party, and I have to say, it really went off without a hitch. Our small group worked the entire party so John and Katie could mingle with their guests. It was great to see them back together, and am so praying for a smooth transition for them!

To prep for the party our small group came to our house after church and helped me finish making pico and guac-I used 16 avocados, so you have an idea of how much cutting and chopping was going on! One of the families brought pizza for lunch so we ate and then loaded up four vehicles and set up for the party. The weather was perfect for the party and everyone had a wonderful time. We worked like a well oiled machine.

We stayed until the end and cleaned up and hauled our stuff out of there. The boys played hard ALL DAY with friends from church and made some new friends too. They were some tired boys when we got home.

And at the end of the day I got to fall in bed with my husband and snuggle in this beautiful fall weather we are having.

Perfect weekend.


Mom said...

Tim has said You organize and delegate extremely well. I believe it is one of your gifts from GOD. That is why You said it went like a "well-oiled machine". Sounds like it was a perfect welcome home for friend who served our country. You have excellant "management" qualities... Love You.

Anonymous said...

The Saturday and Sunday events let You & Tim know, despite Satan's jabs, You are on the right path. Tim is healing, boys are learning, Sat. & Sun. went well. Foundation with GOD is getting stronger.