Monday, December 17, 2012

Just like Mommy

Eli had his follow-up appointment for getting his tonsils out. Everything looked wonderful, as we expected. On our way out of the office the Receptionist offered Eli a Beanie Baby and he chose one. Jesse asked for one too, but I reminded him of his worm that he picked out after he had his tonsils out. I think he understood, but he slowly and quietly started crying as we walked to the car. Big enough to understand it wasn't his turn, but little enough to still want it.

But that's just how it was going to be. He kept crying, but softly so I didn't think too much about it. I stopped for gas on our way home and when I got back in, he was no longer crying, so I thought we were OK. After a minute he says to me, "Well, fine. Since you won't let me have a Beanie Baby I'm not going to Florida."

I was completely bewildered. What? I ask. [He's going to spend a week at Disney World with my aunt and uncle in the spring.]

"I'm not going to Florida."

I can play this game. "Oh, well that's too bad. Uncle Carl already bought the ticket, so I guess someone else will have to go. I think Eli would like to go and we can't waste the ticket." Eli jumps right on board with this, in the off chance that he will actually get to go.

Then Jesse begins to see the error of his rash decision, but isn't sure what to do, so he thinks on it for a minute. Then, frowning he says,"Well, I meant I'm not going to go to Florida until next year." Then he waits to see.

I smile and say, "Well good! The ticket is for next year, so that works out fine."

Then, a few days later, on a completely unrelated note, Tim and I were getting ready for a date, we don't get many of those so I was super excited. I had gotten a new skirt that I was excited to wear, and to go with it I had gotten leggings to keep me warm and a sweater. The sweater was too big so I had already exchanged it for a small, but hadn't tried it on, I mean, I am small so I was good to go. I thought.

The sweater was too big. A small was too big? Really? Crud!

The leggings were too big. They came from a pack so I hadn't tried them on in the store, but really, I have to exchange them for an extra-small? Who does these sizings? I am not extra-small!

I was MAD! I was so excited to go on our date and then nothing fit. I stormed out of the bathroom and said, "Forget it! I don't even want to go!"

Tim laughed and said, "Okay Jesse, let's just not go on our date then."

I gave him the evil eye and put on my capri leggings with my tall boots and a long sleeve t-shirt that would work. We had a wonderful time.

Feeling sheepish, I said to Tim, "Uh, Jesse gets it honest?"

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