Wednesday, December 05, 2012

18 years

Happy Anniversary to me and Tim! 18 years ago we started dating. Why, I have no idea! Wait, yes I do...but remember I was 17 when we started dating so my list wasn't that deep!
  • He was funny (still cracks me up)
  • He was fun (still is)
  • He was cute (much more handsome now)
  • He was sweet to me (hadn't had a lot of that up to that point)
  • He gave AMAZING hugs (they are still the best)
  • He was carefree (still has that spirit to push me to not get bogged down)
  • He went to church (and now it's really important to him)
  • He had wheels (I have my own now, but still love to have him drive me around)
  • He made me feel safe (something I still get from him)
  • He respected me (probably more so now)
  • He wasn't pushy (I value my independence)
  • He liked me for me (what more could a girl ask for?)
That's just why we started dating before I really knew him, but I'm so glad I took that chance, even though I was a little bit scared. He was older than me, already graduated, while I was a young senior and felt very innocent and thought he wasn't (rumors in high school are horrible things!).

So strange to think that decision I made when I was 17 was so profound-it altered the course of my life. Can't imagine where I would be without him. Happy 18 years baby!


Homestead Living said...

Happy Anniversary!!! So glad you too are so happily married. It is so sad to see so many struggling in their marriage. What a blessing we both share in. Also, we received your sweet picture yesterday. What a beautiful...I mean handsome family you have!!!

Grandma Beth said...

18 Years! Picture of the Family shows how great GOD works! I am thankful Tim continuues to heal further after such detailed surgeries. Touching each other with love is such a strong dependable foundation. Delightful December to each of You.
Love Always, Grandma Beth