Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cutting Hair

I generally cut the boys hair all on one night, makes clean up easier that way! However, in the winter I tend to get some boys that want their hair long, some that I won't let go long, etc. and then the hair cutting days are much more haphazard.

Eli was skipping a hair cut-he has always had strong opinions about how he wants his hair cut or not cut. And I don't much care. Plus he has such GREAT hair.

Noah wants long hair but for some reason I can't stand it on his ears, so he got a trim around his ears last week. Except now it *almost* looks like a mullet so I'm keeping an eye on that!

Jesse has the same fine hair as Noah that I can't stand on his ears either so he also got a trim last week. But he's little and just does what his Mama wants, no opinions just yet.

Simon claimed he wanted long hair too so I skipped his haircut, but then on Monday I felt it was too long so I told him that and asked if he wanted me to trim it. He said no, he really wanted it long. I figured we'd let it go another week and then he'd get tired of it.

On Tuesday Simon and I were sitting at the table working on his math problems. His head was down and I thought, his hair looks really short there in the front. I pulled his chin up and looked at him. Sure enough, the front section of his hair had been cut down almost to his scalp. I barked at him about cutting his hair, and with instant watery eyes he admitted he cut it, at home, after school. When I asked why he said, "Because it was too long in my eyes."

Oh the fury that bubbled up. Hadn't I just asked him LAST NIGHT?!? Yes, why yes I had. But I knew it was too long, but also wanted him to have some control over his appearance. Just not that kind of control.

Of course it was also the evening that I had worked late and had my mom over to take care of the boys, so homework time was an hour behind our normal schedule, and I had to run my mom home to her house (hour round trip) yet that evening. I didn't feel like I had time for a hair cut and shower for Simon. But I took a deep breath to realize it was my fault for not cutting his hair when it needed it and went on with homework. Then after dinner cut his hair short and herded him to the shower.

Simon is a quiet one, and one to take care of a "problem" on his own rather than come to me for help. While I appreciate his independence, I need to remember to keep an eye on what's going on under the surface with him. So different than the one that screams like a girl...

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