Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Simon is our little fish, always has been. He has taught himself how to swim and loves to be in the water. So this year we signed him up for swim team.

I took him to his first practice last week, and it is still pretty cold water! The kids teeth were chattering with lots of blue lips. Thankfully practice is only 45 minutes.

I watched him swim to see how he did and to see how he stacked up to the others in his age group. He's better than a couple, and a couple are better than him. I'd say he's solidly in the middle. On his first swim across the pool, in freestyle, he made it about halfway and then stopped and stood up; as practice went on he could go less and less far before needing to stop. By then end he would only do about one stroke before needing a break.

After practice was over we talked about how it went. I told him he was in the middle, some kids faster, some kids slower. Then I asked him, "So I noticed you got tired before you got all the way across the pool. What was tired? Your legs, your arms, or your lungs?"

"My arms."

I nodded, "Guess that's something you'll need to work on then."

"Mom, will doing pushups help?"

"Yes it will, that's a good idea."

"'Cause I don't want to be in the middle." Turns out that boy might just be competitive!

Later that evening we went to Eli's soccer game and as Eli's team was warming up Simon was down in the grass beside our chairs doing pushups. I think he ended up doing about 75.

The first meet is tonight and I'm super excited to see how he does in that type of environment. Good luck Simon!!

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